Renaissance Credit is among the top 50 Russian banks, top 10 retail banks and top 3 specialised POS banks in Russia, with a strong focus on loan origination and distribution. It has 136 branches, 139 966 points-of-sale and a large client base of more than 12 million customers.

BSC assisted Renaissance Credit to introduce a modern digital banking platform, based on myGEMINI Digital Bank OS for the self-servicing of its clients. The main goal was not only to reduce traffic at the Call Centre, but also to move clients into the online channel so that they can better interact, up-sell and cross-sell.

Renaissance Credit analysed behaviour during 2018. The number of clients who preferred to interact with the bank via online channels increased by 82 %, while the number of clients who contacted the Call Centre decreased by 20 %.

In addition, BSC provided loan origination and processing application for loan marketing, sales and distribution to a wide range of clients.


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