NYMBUS, the US-based core banking modernisation company, has started to disrupt US markets with their turnkey banking solution with the bank-as-a-service business model.

NYMBUS SmartDigital is an important part of its offer, enabling digital-first engagement by offering a modern user experience directly to the digital channels.

NYMBUS SmartDigital is offered in the USA market under exclusive licence from BSC as a standalone product, or alternatively as part of NYMBUS SmartCore, its flagship core platform, or as part of NYMBUS SmartLaunch.

BSC, together with NYMBUS, has succeeded in launching the most advanced and secure private cloud banking platform the industry has thus far seen. myGEMINI Digital Bank OS is a natural part of NYMBUS SmartLaunch – a cloud banking platform offering a turnkey digital brand under any bank’s existing charter in as little as 90 days.


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