BSC Reloaded

June 2018

We are 28 years old! On this occasion, we have prepared a complete redesign of our corporate identity. The campaign associated with a complete redesign introduces the new name of the company "Banking Software Company".

Unmatched communications of all world branches and the product portfolio will be united. We respond to changes in the ongoing global expansion of the company, but also to the development of new products that we would like to bring to the global market.

In addition to Europe, we also operate in Russia, the Middle East and the Pacific. Last year, we also expanded to the US market to help kick off new trends in digital banking.

Over the course of a few years, we have definitely shifted from a local company operating in foreign markets to a truly global supplier. Our products are well known on three continents, we have succeeded in becoming world leaders. Using our own investments in new technologies, we have greatly contributed to the development of open-banking,” says Petr Koutný, CEO. “The newly prepared global relaunch takes this shift into account.

BSC will act as a “Banking Software Company” on all markets, and will merge all 8 branches under the common identity. Redesign consolidates the communication of the major product lines that have so far worked independently. The company will now symbolize a simple square in coral color as a symbol of stability, simplicity and self-confidence.

Our success is based primarily on the professionalism, commitment and diligence of all members of our team. Our work has always talked to us and will continue to do so. We were looking for a simple symbol to represent this approach,” Koutný concluded.

We are BSC. Banking Software Company.

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