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Thanks to the shared inspiration at the start of the collaboration, a unique solution is designed built on the foundations of our products and an agile approach to the deliverable, which combines these two important benefits. Check out the selected reference stories.

TBC Bank

Established in 1992, TBC Bank has become one of the largest financial institutions and strongest Georgian brands during the last decade. It is a leading universal bank in Georgia offering a broad range of products and services for retail and corporate clients including small, medium and large corporations.

The goal of the original project was to implement a fully integrated multi-channel solution that would replace the out-of-date internet and mobile banking and increase significantly the number of active users. A new multi-channel solution should become a strong marketing and sales tool of the bank. The goal of the last project was to redesign the successful internet banking, offer clients an even better and more comfortable digital interface of the bank and confirm the leading position in the area of electronic channels not only in Georgia.

The launch of the new internet and mobile banking was a great success for TBC Bank on the Georgian market. TBC bank noticed a significant increase in the number of clients using the internet and mobile banking. The number of clients increased 7 times during the first 12 months. The new internet and mobile banking became a strong acquisition tool for attracting new clients and enabled the differentiation of TBC Bank on the Georgian market. As expected the new internet banking became the alternative sales channel by generating sales of simple deposit and credit products. At the same time, the number of electronic transactions increased, which resulted in significant cost savings for the implementation of transactions.

TBC Bank became the leader on the Georgian market and received several local and international awards, such as the award for The Best Integrated Internet Bank worldwide in 2013 from Global Finance magazine.

Slovenská sporiteľňa

Slovenská sporiteľňa is the bank with the longest tradition in Slovakia, with a dominant position in the area of deposits and issuing of debit cards. Simultaneously it offers the largest number of business locations.

Slovenská sporiteľňa has decided to become a bank on the side of the client, be a strong and modern corporate bank with innovations for clients. One of the innovations is the launch of the modern and intuitive internet payment channel Business24.

The Business24 service is a new internet banking application whose goal is to replace the existing application Home Banking. Business24 is internet banking which allows the client not only to enter payment orders, but also to sign transactions remotely, manage access rights of individual users and keep track of the account balances and activities. The main innovation is the unique way of entering SEPA payment orders in the environment of an intelligent payment form. Clients of Slovenská sporiteľňa will also be able to modify the design of the summarizing pages and display only the information they need.

According to the first reactions, Business24 has been very popular with clients. You can find the evaluation of Business24 by the team of Slovenská sporiteľňa here.

MONETA Money Bank

Established in 1997, MONETA Money Bank soon became one of the largest financial institutions in the Czech Republic serving retail clientele, and clientele of small and medium-size companies with a large number of branches and ATMs. Previously GE Money Bank, it has been known as MONETA Money Bank, a.s. since 1 May, 2016. Its ambition is to grow in commercial and retail banking.

MONETA Money Bank has been a long-time client of BSC. The cooperation started in the late nineties when the bank was a new player on the financial market in the Czech Republic and so wanted to offer its customers a different solution with a competitive advantage. After the successful acquisition of Agrobank, MONETA Money Bank became one of the biggest financial institutions in the Czech Republic. This meant that MONETA Money Bank had to cope with a sudden increase of new customers and at the same time devote attention to existing customers. The aim was to be one of the first banks on the Czech market to provide customers with mobile banking and the best internet banking on the Czech market.

The mutual cooperation resulted in a significant increase in sales of products and services in the year 2000. The greatest success came when MONETA Money Bank introduced its internet and mobile banking service on the my|GEMINI platform. Within a few months the bank had acquired more than 50% of the market share of mobile banking users. Bonus features provided within the internet banking system, such as administration of credit cards and loan products, decreased the bank’s operating costs at branches and significantly improved the customer experience. By launching the management of personal finance in the internet banking environment in 2009, MONETA Money Bank cemented its reputation as an innovator on the financial services market.

MONETA Money Bank’s internet banking application on the my|GEMINI platform was awarded the Golden Crown by the financial forum as the best in the Czech Republic in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Equa bank

Equa bank is one of the youngest banks on the Czech market, established in 2011. Equa bank offers straightforward, comprehensive and transparent services in retail and corporate banking. They include current and savings accounts with no banking fees, multi-currency debit cards, mortgages, term deposits, consumer loans, insurance and business loans.

The goal was to establish a new bank on the Czech market with the emphasis on simplicity, transparency and comprehensibility. The common goal of the Equa Bank and BSC team was to establish a multi-channel bank interface which would not only meet these requirements but also would be an important element in the bank’s development, acquisitions and customer service.

The cooperation resulted in the implementation of modern internet banking supplemented by mobile applications, the branch system including the system for debit card management. Equa bank offered its clients a modern and quick way of opening accounts without having to visit the bank branch, intuitive and user-friendly product management and realisation of banking operations in the environment of internet and mobile applications. In 2016 the number of clients surpassed 200,000.


AccessBank entered the Azerbaijani market in 2002 under the name Micro Finance Bank of Azerbaijan. In 2008 it was renamed as AccessBank. Its main focus is to provide loans not only for retail clients but also mainly for business people and small companies.

The goal of the project was to establish internet banking, absent up to that point in time, which would support the planned bank growth and at the same time decrease operating costs. After several months of intensive work AccessBank successfully finished and introduced its new internet banking called ‘myAccess’ in October 2015. The new service ‘myAccess’ was developed in cooperation with BSC on the my|GEMINI platform. The aim of the new service ‘myAccess’ is to establish AccessBank as a leader providing internet banking services on the Azerbaijani market.

“The successful launch of “myAccess” shows AccessBank continues to invest in modern banking technology even in the current challenging market environment in order to be able offering its clients most advanced e-banking solutions for which there is growing demand from a significant part of our clientele,” commented Anar Hasanov, the Deputy General Director of AccessBank responsible for operation and retail banking.

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